Quotes of Note: Walt Whitman on Your Wall

Whitman B Walt Whitman Quote A

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My love for the Transcendentalism movement began in high school.  During Junior year, I was assigned a research project on the topic and it cultivated an appreciation for Whitman in ways I never thought imaginable.

On a mission to earn an ‘A’ on said project, I marched out to front yard and yanked a medium-sized chunk of grass and dirt from the lawn.  This didn’t go over well with the adults!  But yes, I was set on the idea of gluing actual “Leaves of Grass” onto the cover page.  High school teachers: I feel for you.

Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of cute renditions of my favorite Whitman quotes.  These whimsical prints would liven up just about any room in the house.

My favorite Whitman words of all time:  Do I contradict myself?  Very well then, I contradict myself, I am large — I contain multitudes.  Ladies, you feel free to chant that during your finest hours of hormonal bliss.



5 Things As Golden As An Oscar

Gold Accessories

C'est la vie print from Etsy

This Sunday is the ladies Super Bowl. More popularly known as The Oscars.

I’ve already bumped up my brunch plans an hour earlier so I can make it back in time for the first rounds of the red carpet step and repeat. That’s a solid 6 hours of coverage. Maybe even more. Who knows, who’s counting. It’s the best day of the year. Don’t judge me!

I’m pre-gaming The Oscars, baby, with some lovely gold accessories. Won’t you join me for a quick walk to gorgeous-ville?

Pink Necklace
Pink + gold is always a stunning color combination. Add some feminine spikes and a curved, sturdy chain and you’ve got yourself a golden statue in the lead actress category.

Polka Dots Cosmetic Case
Now your makeup can feel all girly and pretty and tucked away until morning.

Tassel Necklace
There are love songs dedicated to necklaces like this. I love the way it sways. And the pearls are the perfect romantic touch for softening a loose fitting t-shirt and jeans.

Mr & Mrs Glasses
Clink, clink! You think Brad and Angelina drink out of paper cups on Hollywood’s biggest night? No, ma’am. Neither should you.

C’est La Vie Print
You win some, you lose some. That’s life. And now there’s a print to remind you not to sweat all the small stuff.

Ok, ladies. Kickoff is at 8pm sharp. Be there or Bradley Cooper’s perm from American Hustle will be your punishment for the week.


5 Items for an Easy, Laid-Back Stylish Spring Break in Florida

5 Items for a Week in Florida

1. flats / 2. sunglasses / 3. t-shirt / 4. necklace / 5. shorts

No co-eds. No late-night parties. This is a Florida spring break of the classy variety. As in quiet beach strolls at sunrise, lounging in the shade far away from the pool bar, and nightly ice cream indulgences. In other words, I’m really excited! I’m gearing up for a week to sunny Florida in early March for some much needed Vitamin D.

My vacation personality is laid-back cool. A great pair of sunnies, flowy, feminine shorts, a tshirt that says it all, a stunning bauble and a new pair of flats are all I need to make an impression that says: Hold all my calls, I’m currently relaxing.

I dream of waking up without the cry of an alarm clock. Swapping my coffee for a beach run. And comfy, cozy, breezy style. Oh did I mention family time? The most important time there is.


4 Hangable Items that Won’t Take Up Space in Your Closet

Restoration Hardware Drapes

Window Treatments | Earrings | Cherry Blossom Print | Purse

Did I miss something?  I keep seeing market media, blog posts, and magazine ads pushing “the hot new color” – pink.  They are saying things like, check out this season’s color and how to wear the pink trend.  This makes me laugh.   WHEN IN THE WORLD DID PINK GO OUT OF STYLE?

Sometimes I wonder about the fashion industry.  Okay, I don’t wonder.  I know what they’re up to.  Still, it amazes me how quickly trends change and how a single color can become yesterday’s news.  Give it a few years and the item/color is all the rage again.  It’s all slightly foolish.  I will never, ever stop loving pink or “radiant orchid” or cobalt blue.  Why?  Because I try to wear colors that work with my complexion and integrate into my existing wardrobe.  Let’s make a vow to wear whatever color we so desire.  Deal?  Excellent.  I’ll quit with the snark.

Pink excels when it’s paired with neutrals, and I’d consider hanging it somewhere other than in your closet!  It can soften a room with neutral linen window treatments or brighten up your woolen coat with the swing of a shoulder bag.  Endless possibilities, my friends.

It’s good to know the hues in my wardrobe have come full circle… once again.  Trend report aside, what is your favorite color?


Integrating Pastels Into Your Winter Wardrobe

Integrating Pastels Into Your Winter Wardrobe

watch | scarf | earrings

Winter is a season of neutrals. And it’s refreshing to get back to basics after the bright lights and neons of a flashy summer season. But then again, a wardrobe of flat colors can leave you wanting more after a while.

More color. More substance. More variety.

Pastels take the lead. I’m letting the color of sunshine dangle from my ears this month. I’m wrapping my wrist in mint and letting peach sing a solo.

A subtle sorbet in the winter can revive your grays and creams. It can amplify your navys and blacks. Feminine hues can beckon spring to your front door.

Come hither the rain, the green blades of grass, the humid hints that winter is waving goodbye.

Uhhhh…who knew a color palette could make an ordinary girl spin unnecessary poetry from her fashion blog! Surely, not I.


Get Ahead of Yourself with 5 Beach Insipired Items

Beachy Inspiration

Print | Necklace | Bathing Suit | Pillow

After our most recent snow storm, I came this close to booking a very beachy vacation on impulse.  Ultimately, I decided against doing so.  Then, it snowed again this afternoon.  Grrrrrrrr.  I was less than pleased as I parlayed my way around the driveway with a shovel.  And then I had a moment of clarity.  (Finally.)  I  don’t need a beach vacation. I just need a little inspiration.

Something summery might be a good placeholder until this frigid season begins to melt away and becomes a thing of the PAST.  Perhaps, a print to frame or a fluffy pillow to sink into after a long afternoon of dragging my feet through the snow will do.  Or, shopping for a bathing suit might warm the soul.  Honest.  If you can find swimwear that you’re confident in during the winter months, you’ll love how it looks on you by June!  Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being early, right?

May you find warmth in the little things today!


Fireplace Cozy, the Chic Cure for Cabin Fever

Fireplace Cozy

Fondue | Socks | Tray | MarshmallowsScarf

Being stuck inside loses its novelty after the second consecutive day of  being snowed in. It’s called cabin fever and it’s becoming a  normal routine here on the East Coast. During our last blizzard, I ran out of chocolate on Day 1.

I almost called 9-1-1.

You know what would remedy the situation? All these things I do not have:

  • cozy fireplace
  • oversized pillow
  • stack of library books
  • chocolate fondue

My wishlist isn’t asking too much, is it? A girl can dream of lounging by a warm fire in cute pjs with thick, wool socks. A gold tray by her side with two hot chocolates topped with gourmet, dark chocolate marshmallows. And if that wasn’t enough, add in a bowl of fresh strawberries and a sweet fondue for dipping. A scarf is essential for sneaking out into the elements to replenish the wood. Oh wait, add in a husband or special loved one to do the heavy lifting.

Yes, now the day is perfect.