Celebrate Yourself Before Valentine’s Day With These 5 Pick-Me-Ups

Celebrate Yourself With These 5 Pick-Me-Ups

1. clutch2. lip scrub3. bracelet4. heels5. bath bombs

Flowers, candy, cards, blah blah blah. Valentine’s Day. Ready or not, it’s almost here.

This year, take control of your love life (and V DAY expectations) by treating yourself to something super sweet. Yes! Loving yourself is the most important love of all. Thank you, Whitney.

Without it, we couldn’t allow others to love us. And there’s nothing unlovable about you. Muah muah muah! That was a triple air kiss for you. If you needed it.

Sometimes it’s hard to love ourselves. We’re overly critical and we compare ourselves to others. We have high expectations and some of us are stretched thin from work and familial obligations that we barely have time for our precious selves. That’s no good.

To combat any negativity that tries to sneak its way in this week, vow to treat yourself to something that will boost your confidence and mood. Goodbye critical, hello perky. Maybe it’s strapping on a pair of killer red heels, an at-home spa treatment or something uniquely out of your fashion comfort-zone (be mine you sexy lip clutch!). Do it. For the sake of all that’s Hallmark, do something that’ll make you glow on Friday.

Because when you’re a shining-happy-person, it shows. And we love that.



Workout At Home: Be Stylish, Be Comfortable & Dance Like a Ballerina

Work In, Workout

PantsPulloverTankHair Bow

The gym. It’s so crowded this time of year. Nabbing a treadmill after 5pm on a week night can seem harder than getting accepted to Harvard. Can’t a girl run off her angst and worries and extra slice of pie without a perfect score on the SATs and an aptitude for, well, everything?

It’s months like these I’m glad I have a workout fall-back: The home gym, also known as my tiny living room. With creaky wood floors and a low ceiling fan, it’s like a dream except it’s a total nightmare.

Only kidding, it’s not that bad.

My home gym may not be ideal for a high intensity cardio kick-boxing DVD a la Billy Blanks and his primary color leotard-clad crew, but it’s the perfect space for a girl to live out her dream of being an aging prima ballerina.

“Her pliés have improved so much over the past few months.” -The Cat

The Best Apartment Living/Small Space Workout Video

About a year ago, I discovered the XTEND BARRE workout video on Amazon. I’ve had it on my Kindle ever since and take it with me everywhere even when I travel. I purchased the instant video version for $9.99. If you want the DVD version, buy it here.

I love this video for so many reasons, but the two most important being: (1) it’s a total body workout & (2) you can do this video in a really small space and all you need are 2-pound weights and a kitchen chair.

Get a New Outfit While You’re at It

New year’s resolutions mean more than crowded gyms – it means activewear is on sale. If it motivates, cautiously splurging on some new workout wear never hurt a checkbook. TJMaxx, Marshall’s & OldNavy have good quality, low price options.

Workout Tips for 2014: Sweat in a killer outfit, squats are a girl’s best friend, and above all, make sure that whatever you do to stay in shape, it should motivate and inspire you…not make you feel inadequate. That’s what supermodels are for.


At Home: Essentials for a Tailor-Made Spa Day

Spa Day Essentials


The ultimate luxury?  Relaxation.  A day at the spa fosters rejuvenation and clarity.  Of course, this is an expensive treat.  We have an alternative, naturally.  With minimal effort you can easily transform your home into a temple of calm.

Let’s get Zen, shall we?

The night before your spa day prepare some healthy trail mix, slice cucumbers, and put a pitcher of lemon water in the refrigerator.  Select a room in your home or apartment that makes you feel at ease, and spend the day there.  Set the mood with soothing music.  The sound of chirping birds adds a little extra sweetness.  Here’s a cool sound mixer for your relaxation soundtrack.  A warm cup of green tea or a minty herbal infusion should awaken the senses.  Now is the time to appreciate your beautiful, elegant china.  Sip slowly.  Make this quite moment last!

Maybe you’ll give yourself a pedicure.  Or perhaps, you’d prefer a clay mask and a little extra hydration.  Farmaesthetics is a truly special line of organic skincare products.  The lotion and mask are extremely gentle and they smell like the purest of herbs.  Wrap yourself in all things crisp, clean, soft and cozy.  No internet allowed – you don’t need that sort of mind clutter.

Far too often we forget to make time to replenish ourselves.  Be the kind of person who remembers to remember (Foer).


What to Wear on a Brisk Fall Run + The Ultimate Playlist

Running Outfit

Yoga Pants | Hoodie | Watch | iPod Shuffle | Running Shoes

There’s nothing better than going for an outdoor run in the fall.  It’s cleansing; and marveling at colorful leaves might even help you glide uphill on your route.  Fall is my last hoorah for outdoor exercise.  Thanks a lot, winter.  I have major respect for people whose committment to outdoor running is seasonless.  I’m inside cheering them on with a cup of green tea and a buttery scone.

I usually sweat in some variation of the above, but I’m not here to tell you what to wear when you exercise.  Find something breathable and comfortable for you – and don’t pay full price for anything.  Okay, you might need to splurge on quality sneakers.

Getting dressed is the easy part.  To get through a workout, you need some fun music and a touch of will-power!  You can doooo it!  Here’s a fun playlist to keep you energized:

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, WHAM!
You’ve Got the Love, Florence + The Machine:  I belt this one out.  Sorry, neighborhood.
Roar, Katy Perry
Sweetness, Jimmy Eat World:  It reminds me of being young.  Remember that?!
Chasing Pavements, Adele
There is a Light that Never Goes Out, The Smiths
Til the World Ends, Britney Spears:  Every girl needs a little Britney on her playlist.
Sydney (I’ll Come Running), Brett Dennen

What songs get you through a long week or a long run?