May 14th, The Greatest Day on Earth

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

On this day, a beautiful baby girl named Amanda was born. And the world became a little kinder, a little funnier, and a whole lot brighter.

On the day we met, our souls did the Electric Slide towards each and they haven’t stopped dancing like awkward suburban white girls since.

We are both the same and different, which makes our friendship work. Since meeting her, I’ve finally acquired a taste for tea, given yoga a second-try, laughed til I couldn’t breathe on several occasions, and gained confidence in myself.

If you have an Amanda in your life, consider yourself blessed. If you’re not sure, here are some signs you do:

  • you’ve had a 30-minute conversation about how donuts are the new cupcakes
  • you wore the same exact outfit to an event and didn’t change
  • you got the giggles in a fancy establishment after one glass of champagne (seriously, just one glass. you shared it)
  • she shares with you her darkest secrets. Like the time she shoveled the driveway in red lipstick

To my dear friend Amanda, you are my favorite forever friend. I wish you the happiest and most special day.



Something Simple.

Want to know a secret?  Erin loves macarons.  She thinks they’re the Bee’s Knees.  This past weekend we ate ALL of the macarons pictured below.  Every. Last. Macaron.


Want a little background on my friendship with Erin? Our husbands have known one another since they were skinning knees on the soccer field.  I spent many Saturday nights with the guys before Erin came along.  Late night hockey talk used to turn into too much Jonny Walker and loud perpetual Tragically Hip songs. The good times were killing me, thank-you-very-much Modest Mouse.  I would go to bed and attempt to sleep with a pillow over my head to drown out the good times.  As I tried to get some rest, I concocted a fictional world where the yellow-haired guy met someone fantastic.  For selfish reasons, naturally.

Phew, finally…

Erin and Craig

“She’s great.  You’re going to love her,” said the man in the photo above.  I had no reason to doubt him.  He’s got pretty good taste in people.  I married his best friend, after all…


You already know how the rest of the story goes.  Erin and I became fast friends.

Martha's Vineyard

Alas, I was saved from humorous farmy” wine infused Saturday nights.  Thanks, Erin.  Tilly and I both appreciate it, and we are so grateful to have you as a friend!

Close Up!

What else?  Here are a few reasons why you’d be happy to know Erin, too.  She’s really stinking smart.  And yes, a girl has got to have knowledgeable ladies in her life.  Erin doesn’t even swear, my friends.  She says, “B” instead of using the “B-word.”  So classy, I tell you.  I’d call her the queen of all things fashion, but queens are notoriously wicked – Erin’s too nice.

Why the puff piece? Because today is Erin’s birthday.  Besides, I am a true believer in telling my friends how awesome they are! Happy Birthday, Erin!  May your day be filled with all things beautiful, chocolatey and relaxing.