6 Ways to Sparkle this Season


Ornament | Pencil Skirt | CookiesShoesNecklace | Champagne

We try not to limit the glitz and dazzle to the holiday season, but there is no time like December to pay homage to all things shiny and bright.  We thought we’d provide a little glittery inspiration to celebrate Friday.  Sparkle (or SPAH-KLE if you’re from New England) works its magic in many ways.  There is something special about sipping bubbles in a sleek, crystal embellished shoe or a sequined mini.  Arm yourself with some shimmering cookies & a killer manicure – suddenly you’ve become queen of the party.  Who needs presents?  The holidays are really about laughter and the joyful times shared with loved ones.  And cookies.  Lots of cookies.



The Perfect Presents for Your Cheesy Friends

Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers


Sweet dreams are made of cheese. And so are the kitchen accouterments that accompany a fine cheese plate.

For the cheese monger in your life (the one who gravitates towards the stinkiest cheeses at the market), consider putting together a cheese-themed gift idea. There’s nothing more exciting than discovering a new flavor (blueberry cheese? it exists) than displaying your finds like a work of art.

The perfect pairings for your fromage friend:

  • Start with a wooden cheese board. The more rustic the better.
  • Then add in some unique cheese-slicing and smearing utensils. I love the cork detailing on these.
  • Finally, allow your guests to pile their plates sky high with buttery bries and sharp cheddars, warm baguettes and herb-flavored crackers on appetizer plates and a pop of pizzazz with colorful paper napkins.

Before presenting your gift (choose one item or gift them all in a wicker basket and bow), make a quick pit stop at the grocery store for 2-3 different varieties of cheeses. Don’t forget a fresh-baked baguette or box of assorted crackers.

bon appetit!


Inspiration Avenue: 7 Elegant Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Thanksgiving Tablescapes 2

Left Column: 1|2|3 & Right Column: 1|2|3|4

Today, we offer you a collection of tablescape ideas for next week’s gobble fest.  Sitting down to a warm, elegantly set Thanksgiving table adds to the deliciousness of it all.  We like a little razzle-dazzle around here: case & point.  Naturally, we think it’s wise to include metallics.  Move over aluminum foil.  Your turkey and mashed potatoes are going to look so glam this year.

How do you like to decorate the dinner table for the Thanksgiving holiday?


Affordable Hostess Gifts: The Gold Edition

Hostess Gift Giving Guide: Gold Accents


Make your hostess feel like a goddess with the gift of gold. And make the other guests turn red with embarassment for bringing store-bought dip and crappy bubbly. Yeah, you’re outshining even the brightest star tonight.

EVEN THOUGH…it’s not about making yourself look good. It’s about acknowledging your BBFL for having the courage to plan and execute one heck of a soirée.

You know she’s been up all night worrying. You know she was up early preparing the food and the crudités and making sure the bar was fully stocked. You know she barely had time to put on a little lipstick (and yet she still looks flawless). 

Show your appreciation—for not being there in the morning for an epic clean-up—by gifting her with something special.

What is your favorite and affordable way to give your hostess some love?

Who Knew? What to Wear to a Hoedown

Holy hoedownPlaid and burlap.  A touch of cow print.  Potato sack races – you’re totally going to win.  I was recently a guest at a hoedown themed kiddie party.  It was two parts cute and one part unconventional.  I wish I had snapped some photos because my friend did a fab job with the food and decor.  I was too busy sipping on mulled cider and rum.  Need a little hoedown inspiration?  How about those cow rice crispy treats?

Hoedown Party


I am a lot of things, but I am not a country girl.  It’s not to say that I dislike the country, but if you read this blog you probably know that Erin and I are New England {sub}urbanites to the core.  Um, I wore leopard to the hoedown. The spots looked amusing amongst the sea of plaid.  Yes, I could have googled “what to wear to a hoedown,” but it didn’t cross my mind.  I am who I am, and I do what I do.  Except, my outfit failed for the occasion, and I don’t like to fail at things.  Lesson learned.  If ever I find myself at another hoedown, I’ll be ready.  Plaid can be chic on a city girl, too!

hoedown outfit


What’s your favorite party theme?


The Best of a Stylish Halloween

The Best of Halloween

Lilies Pumpkins Balloon Gloves Cocktail

If you’re reading this while snacking on a mound of “fun-sized” candy bars, I commend you! Mini Snickers, an itty bitty Twix. It wouldn’t be Halloween without spiking your blood sugar to dangerous levels.

That’s right. Tonight we feast! Tomorrow we detox.

Wherever you are, whatever you do and however you dare to celebrate, we hope you have a very Happy Halloween!


Test-Kitchen Chic

Cute Apron

Hair Wrap|Wine Glass|Apron|Pot Holders|Cookbook

Multiberry free-form tart with a light dusting of powdered sugar and a cup of green tea.  Pumpkin cheesecake with prailne topping and a vanilla chai.  Flourless chocolate cake and a black coffee.  Welcome to Friday at Red Tag Couture.  Today we’re fantasizing about baked goods.

It’s no secret that I’m not the best baker.  I’ve made soggy cookies.  Soggy, like a wet sock, lemon ricotta cookies. I don’t know if it’s the cool weather or the recent Barefoot Contessa marathon I watched, but there’s a bakingista inside of me and she’s dying to get out.

Let’s grab a glass of wine and browse the most perfect cookbook ever.

Ready to bake?  Start by sweeping the tendrils off your face with an adorable hair wrap.  Last time we checked, hair is not tasty.  The oven gets hot, so you’ll need something to protect your newly hydrated handsPure Home has pot holders so cute they beg to cradle a warm, sweet-smelling pie plate.  The graphic print goes well with the simplicity of the color-blocked apron.  Be sure to cinch the waist for some added appeal.  You’re quite the confection, and you’re reminding us of a French girl!  Now, go bake something fabulous.