Keeping it Together: 4 Busy Girl Essentials

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Water Bottle | Makeup | Planner | Pillow Cases

How many of you are super busy, over-scheduled, and slightly delirious?  Raise your hand if you are so busy that you have no idea why in the world you’re even reading this blog post.  I feel for you.  There are times when I feel like a slight (read: MAJOR) disaster, too. Oh, but you’d never know it – my game face is good.  And frankly, I’ve become a master of my busy schedule. BUT, I am absolutely, positively, undeniably lost without the following essentials:

Water.  You need hydration to stay alert and maintain your pretty glow.  Water.  Water.  Don’t forget your water!  And when you get home, wash and reuse.  No more wasting money on plastic BPA springs!

Glam.  Your 5 minute makeup routine is the prettiest.  You look natural, well-kept and put together in a flash!   It’s a promise.

Plans.  The classic paper daily planner is still my BFF – even in the digital age.  I make adjustments to mine 2 hours before bed and again in the morning.

Sleep.  If you can do one thing for yourself: get a good night’s sleep.  Every night.  Turn the lights down approximately 1 hour before bed.  Doing so will tell your brain to release melatonin (the Sandman’s favorite hormone).  Maybe one day I’ll write an entire post on the importance of sleep.  Until then, get to counting those sheep!

Running around like a turkey is only fun when you’re playing tag with your other turkey friends.  What?  I’m not sure, either.  Here’s to keeping life organized!



Pucker Up Buttercup! 6 Lip Products for a Smashing Smile

6 Lip Treatments for a Bright Smile

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Our eyes may be the window to our souls, but our lips are all, whoooaaahhh hold up mister. Before you take a deep plunge into the depths of my soul I think you better tell me a little about yourself. Like do you have a job? Are you an alien sent from outer space to kidnap me? If you answered yes then no, you may proceed. Otherwise, take a number and kindly remove your spaceship from my lawn.

While the rest of the world perfects their smokey eyes, winged tipped liners, and faux lashes, I personally love to make my lips the main attraction. I have a minimum of three lip glosses on my person at all times. You never know when you’re gonna need a soft apricot sheen or a pale pink shimmer.

And also, these things:

  • A true lady has a lipstick mark on her mug at all times. A kiss-shaped signature, if you will.
  • Red lipstick is for Mondays.
  • A good chapstick will always leave behind an enchanting trail of scents like coconut, shea butter or mint.
  • And finally, lip scrubs are a girl’s secret weapon. (After Spanx.)

So if you’ve learned anything from the blog this week, it’s this: we love shiny things! Lustrous, gorgeous locks and an impossibly glossy smile. What’s your beauty ammo? What part of your beauty routine are you currently perfecting?


Getting the Gloss: Hair Care Must-Haves

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Shampoo | Hairspray | Brush | Dry Shampoo

Winter.  It makes me want to do weird things to my long locks. Last year, I asked my hairstylist for side-swept bangs.  They annoyed me more than I could have ever imagined possible.  How did little girl me tear around this world with those things getting in my eyeballs?   I’ve had a variety of haircuts over the years, and have come to the conclusion that my hair looks best when long, layered, and remains my natural color.

Still, I’m itching for a mid-winter change, per usual.  In an effort to satisfy the annual desire to reinvent myself, I decided to take a subtle approach.  Operation achieve the ultimate gloss is officially underway.  Ultimate gloss = I want people to be able to see their faces in my hair.

The hair care products above are my absolute favorites.  I have been using the hairspray, paddle brush, and dry shampoo for about a year. The Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak is the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used and it is super inexpensive ($4 & lasts forever).  But, how to get the lovely gloss?  I recently began to lather and rinse my tresses with Fekkai glossing shampoo and I have seen a noticeable difference in the shine factor.  I’m kind of excited about the results and I think this will be in my regular shampoo rotation.  Yes!  I rotate shampoo upon completion of a bottle!  Rusk Sensories, Calm is another one of my most preferred products.  Does anyone else alternate favorite shampoos?

Tell us about your super shiny hair secrets – we’d love to know them!



Celebrate Yourself Before Valentine’s Day With These 5 Pick-Me-Ups

Celebrate Yourself With These 5 Pick-Me-Ups

1. clutch2. lip scrub3. bracelet4. heels5. bath bombs

Flowers, candy, cards, blah blah blah. Valentine’s Day. Ready or not, it’s almost here.

This year, take control of your love life (and V DAY expectations) by treating yourself to something super sweet. Yes! Loving yourself is the most important love of all. Thank you, Whitney.

Without it, we couldn’t allow others to love us. And there’s nothing unlovable about you. Muah muah muah! That was a triple air kiss for you. If you needed it.

Sometimes it’s hard to love ourselves. We’re overly critical and we compare ourselves to others. We have high expectations and some of us are stretched thin from work and familial obligations that we barely have time for our precious selves. That’s no good.

To combat any negativity that tries to sneak its way in this week, vow to treat yourself to something that will boost your confidence and mood. Goodbye critical, hello perky. Maybe it’s strapping on a pair of killer red heels, an at-home spa treatment or something uniquely out of your fashion comfort-zone (be mine you sexy lip clutch!). Do it. For the sake of all that’s Hallmark, do something that’ll make you glow on Friday.

Because when you’re a shining-happy-person, it shows. And we love that.


A Simple Way to Revitalize Your Wardrobe Without Buying More

Courtney Kerr's long bob hairstyle

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There comes a time when a girl says, I’ve had it with my hair. There comes a day when every girl chops off a good 5 inches. Sometimes it’s on a whim and other times it’s carefully planned and plotted.

Two weeks ago, I bravely walked into my stylist’s arms and showed her a picture of the “Courtney Kerr bob.” She was excited, I was scared.

I almost didn’t go through with it. But I took a few “big girl” deep breaths and reassured myself it’s only hair. Hair grows and there are far more things to concern myself with than something that can be easily changed, or remedied or pulled back into a ponytail. (But us girls have such great attachment to our hair, don’t we?)

Fast forward nearly two hours later–cut & color–and the hair that swings above my shoulders feels light and free. The damaged and frayed ends, which took me three years to grow, lie limply on the floor ready to be swept away.

I’m happy with my decision to let it go. I don’t miss it like I thought I would.

What I didn’t expect or remember from the previous cut it all off! rampages was the way a new and very different hairstyle seems to revitalize a tired wardrobe. Is it the inner confidence we feel from such a drastic change? Is it the fun new ways our hairstyles categorize our overall style? Whatever it is, I like it and I hope the feeling decides to make itself at home for a very long time.


Save or Splurge: NYX Makeup Primer vs. Smashbox

Nyx Studio Perfect Primer vs. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

With age comes wisdom. And that wisdom is the knowledge that cheap does not always indicate a product’s quality or lack thereof.  (Except toilet paper. Generic TP is a crime against humanity.)

Take foundation primer, for example. For years and years, Smashbox Photo Finish was my go-to. I easily snubbed all other brands as if I had the deep pockets to invest in a clear substance that goes UNDER foundation. Does it even work? It’s hard to say except that it does work and I can’t live without it.

But every so often a girl needs to tighten her financial belt and whenever I felt the pinch to save more and splurge less, purchasing expensive makeup was the first “non-essential” to be cut from my list of wants. For a makeup junkie, this is a very sad thing. But without the tears.

And then one day, in walked NYX Studio Perfect Primer. When I finally spotted this bottle at my local Ulta (it was always sold out), I knew she was the one. With one sample squeeze later, I was hooked. I’ve been using this primer for about five months now and I can say it’s a perfect alternative to Smashbox — so similar in texture and application  — it’s almost uncanny. Not to mention, it rings in at a cool $13.

Do you have a favorite budget buy in the makeup aisle? We’d love to know! If you have any favorite brands that are just as good as their expensive counterparts, share them with us in the comments.

4 Nail Polishes to Have in Your Back Pocket This Winter

4 Nail Polishes to Have in Your Back Pocket This Winter

NeutralMahogany RedHolographic PlumMetallic

I feel totally and utterly naked without polish. EXPOSED, I tell you. Yup, that’s the crazy in me shining brighter than the OPI shelf at CVS.

And 90% of the time, I don’t want to stain my nails with a dark, rich color so I opt for a clear coat or a blanket of neutrals. My absolute favorite neutral is Farah by Zoya. Not only does she have fabulous hair, she goes on smooth. Just one coat is all you need, but you can do two if you want to turbo-charge your opaque look.

I love neutrals on winter hands because it gives us ladies a super clean look and helps hide cracking or dry cuticles. In other words, it won’t enhance messy cuticles, which is a great solution for those of us who perform miracle manis (under 10 minutes).  It’s also a very forgiving shade for those of us who suffer from dry skin.

Not interested in neutrals? Try a metallic. ORLY’s Rage is a universal shade with a velvety sheen. It’s a little bit edgy for the girl who’s a little bit rock n’ roll. Even if it’s only in her daydreams.

So about that other 10%… I’m a warm shade kinda gal. I never met a red I didn’t like! And during the holidays, deep mahogany and plums are my ammo. They’re the perfect complement to my winter wardrobe: black, navy, grays, and oatmeals.

Enter Shearling Darling by Essie and Zoya’s Payton. With or without shimmer, pick your poison.