The One Spring Trend I’m Not On Board With. Yet.

Zara "leather sandals with buckles"

Image Source: Zara

The blouse is beautiful. The stretch denim is literally God’s gift to fashion. But the sandals, oh the sandals. (You can’t see me but I’m scrunching my nose in a way that says, I don’t know what to…I just don’t know.)

Zara calls these Birkenstock look alikes their “leather sandals with straps.” They sure are.

I guess the black isn’t that bad? But then again, this model has legs for days and who knows how much Photoshop was done on her pretty little feet. Can we see a before picture?

I think the fashion world is pulling a fast one on us ladies with short legs. I can’t even imagine accentuating my already too-wide feet. Do you think they’ll make these in a wedge for a little booty lift? Oh good grief, please say they don’t.

I have to admit, I had a similar reaction when skinny jeans first burst onto the scene circa 2006/2007. I was all, mmmmm not so much. Oh and Uggs! When I first saw a girl crossing the quad on my college campus wearing the atrocities we call comfort, I stared at her for an embarassingly long while. And although I survived my 20s without ever owning a pair, I’ve most certainly embraced the skinny pant with all my heart.

So who knows, maybe this trend will grow on me? For now, the fashion jury is still out.





8 thoughts on “The One Spring Trend I’m Not On Board With. Yet.

  1. I can’t, I just…can’t. You know they’re just dying to slap a pair of socks on with those babies. I passed the first round these were in, and I fully intend on passing this time as well, though I’m not going to lie, they do look super comfortable. But so did Crocs, and we all know how good those look. Shudder.

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