Keeping it Together: 4 Busy Girl Essentials

busy girl essentials 1busy girl essentials 2

Water Bottle | Makeup | Planner | Pillow Cases

How many of you are super busy, over-scheduled, and slightly delirious?  Raise your hand if you are so busy that you have no idea why in the world you’re even reading this blog post.  I feel for you.  There are times when I feel like a slight (read: MAJOR) disaster, too. Oh, but you’d never know it – my game face is good.  And frankly, I’ve become a master of my busy schedule. BUT, I am absolutely, positively, undeniably lost without the following essentials:

Water.  You need hydration to stay alert and maintain your pretty glow.  Water.  Water.  Don’t forget your water!  And when you get home, wash and reuse.  No more wasting money on plastic BPA springs!

Glam.  Your 5 minute makeup routine is the prettiest.  You look natural, well-kept and put together in a flash!   It’s a promise.

Plans.  The classic paper daily planner is still my BFF – even in the digital age.  I make adjustments to mine 2 hours before bed and again in the morning.

Sleep.  If you can do one thing for yourself: get a good night’s sleep.  Every night.  Turn the lights down approximately 1 hour before bed.  Doing so will tell your brain to release melatonin (the Sandman’s favorite hormone).  Maybe one day I’ll write an entire post on the importance of sleep.  Until then, get to counting those sheep!

Running around like a turkey is only fun when you’re playing tag with your other turkey friends.  What?  I’m not sure, either.  Here’s to keeping life organized!



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