8 of the Web’s Best Sites for Statement Jewelry Under $30

Websites for Jewelry Under $30

Featured Jewel: Samantha necklace by JewelMint

Be the object of everyone’s envy when you walk into the next Stella & Dot party and politely refuse to pay $50 for a spikey, plastic bracelet. I promise that’s not a dig. Their merchandise is too lovely for words. I would gladly buy and wear everything from their catalogs, but I’d be forced to live out of my car and I think I’d really miss hot showers.

If you’re a bauble queen on a budget like we are, here are a few sites that might help you maintain your jewelry hoarding tendencies:

1. Jewelmint

The majority of pieces are marked $29.99, but savvy girls know that’s no deal. Just for signing up, I received a discount code to purchase two pieces for $29.99 total. Plus, the other day I also received an email announcing $10 rings and $15 earrings. Now THAT’S a price point where my inner Angela Basset can get her groove on! Also, free shipping is always a win, win.

2. Baublebar

Prices vary so I typically filter my results by “lowest price to highest” and then I stop scrolling when I hear cash register ca-chings.

3. The Limited

I adore accessories from The Limited. Great quality pieces and perfect for a feminine professional lady. Some of the necklaces start at around $50, but if you’re patient enough, everything goes on sale within a few weeks, sometimes even within days. I receive emails from The Limited and their almost daily deals are ahhhmazing. They make it worth your while to give up your sacred email address.

4. Ruche

Pretty! Vintage! For the best deals, sort your results using the “price, low to high” filter.

5. Charming Charlie

The price is all kinds of right, but the quality is questionable. Best to shop in-store so you can see the quality up-close-and-personal.

6. Nordstrom’s Juniors Department

Repeat after me: When I walk into Nordstroms, I will skip the Kate Spade counter and go straight to the Junior’s Department. Amanda and I both got our watches here and we love them! Also, I get most of my stud earrings here.

7. Forever 21

If you have the patience to shop at a Forever21 store on a Saturday or Sunday, bless your little heart. I outright refuse. No lie, I take days off from work and trek to the mall in the middle of the week just to do my Forever21 shopping in peace.

8. Francescas

*In an Oprah singsong voice* Jewelry BOGOs!!!!



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