3 Spring Trends I’m Most Excited to Wear

3 Spring Trends I'm Most Excited to Wear

Oh hey, we’re back. Our blog went on vacation without saying goodbye. It’s so unlike her! No postcard, no nothing! She’s terribly sorry and promises to never do it again. We cool?

The first day of Spring is this weekend, but I think it didn’t get the memo. Because it still feels pretty cold to me. My puffy jacket is heavy in the rotation and those flats in my closet are non-recognizable from the dust and cobwebs.

…the sadness continues.

One ray of light shining on our eternal winter is this: spring trends. They’re everywhere. Our friends in California are already sporting the latest warm weather tops and denim. Our favorite retail outlets are prepped and ready with their spring discount codes and promises of free shipping.

With so many styles–both old and new–how can a girl easily integrate them into her already overfloweth closet? Like we’ve said a few times here on the blog, pick one or two trends to master and master them beautifully. Here are my top picks for the spring season:

1. Deconstructed, cropped denim
Not exactly a new trend, but one I’m fully on board with for the next xx months. I’m hoping these make my somewhat tired shirts and blouses from seasons past feel brand new.

2. Conversational Ts
Sweet and sassy statements on a relaxed fitting t-shirt, hooray! I love a crisp white or a soft heather gray to tuck into the front of those new jeans. #weekendstaple

3. D’Orsay Flats
Hello sweet thangs. The pointy toe and skin baring middle make these sophisticated, but the lack of heel makes them super comfortable. Genius design, award-winning! The D’Orsay deserves an Oscar for best supporting a tired girl on the weekends.

What spring trends are you most looking forward to? A sunflower babydoll dress, florals, mixed media tops?  Something bold and colorful or simple and understated?


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