5 Things As Golden As An Oscar

Gold Accessories

C'est la vie print from Etsy

This Sunday is the ladies Super Bowl. More popularly known as The Oscars.

I’ve already bumped up my brunch plans an hour earlier so I can make it back in time for the first rounds of the red carpet step and repeat. That’s a solid 6 hours of coverage. Maybe even more. Who knows, who’s counting. It’s the best day of the year. Don’t judge me!

I’m pre-gaming The Oscars, baby, with some lovely gold accessories. Won’t you join me for a quick walk to gorgeous-ville?

Pink Necklace
Pink + gold is always a stunning color combination. Add some feminine spikes and a curved, sturdy chain and you’ve got yourself a golden statue in the lead actress category.

Polka Dots Cosmetic Case
Now your makeup can feel all girly and pretty and tucked away until morning.

Tassel Necklace
There are love songs dedicated to necklaces like this. I love the way it sways. And the pearls are the perfect romantic touch for softening a loose fitting t-shirt and jeans.

Mr & Mrs Glasses
Clink, clink! You think Brad and Angelina drink out of paper cups on Hollywood’s biggest night? No, ma’am. Neither should you.

C’est La Vie Print
You win some, you lose some. That’s life. And now there’s a print to remind you not to sweat all the small stuff.

Ok, ladies. Kickoff is at 8pm sharp. Be there or Bradley Cooper’s perm from American Hustle will be your punishment for the week.



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