4 Hangable Items that Won’t Take Up Space in Your Closet

Restoration Hardware Drapes

Window Treatments | Earrings | Cherry Blossom Print | Purse

Did I miss something?  I keep seeing market media, blog posts, and magazine ads pushing “the hot new color” – pink.  They are saying things like, check out this season’s color and how to wear the pink trend.  This makes me laugh.   WHEN IN THE WORLD DID PINK GO OUT OF STYLE?

Sometimes I wonder about the fashion industry.  Okay, I don’t wonder.  I know what they’re up to.  Still, it amazes me how quickly trends change and how a single color can become yesterday’s news.  Give it a few years and the item/color is all the rage again.  It’s all slightly foolish.  I will never, ever stop loving pink or “radiant orchid” or cobalt blue.  Why?  Because I try to wear colors that work with my complexion and integrate into my existing wardrobe.  Let’s make a vow to wear whatever color we so desire.  Deal?  Excellent.  I’ll quit with the snark.

Pink excels when it’s paired with neutrals, and I’d consider hanging it somewhere other than in your closet!  It can soften a room with neutral linen window treatments or brighten up your woolen coat with the swing of a shoulder bag.  Endless possibilities, my friends.

It’s good to know the hues in my wardrobe have come full circle… once again.  Trend report aside, what is your favorite color?



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