Integrating Pastels Into Your Winter Wardrobe

Integrating Pastels Into Your Winter Wardrobe

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Winter is a season of neutrals. And it’s refreshing to get back to basics after the bright lights and neons of a flashy summer season. But then again, a wardrobe of flat colors can leave you wanting more after a while.

More color. More substance. More variety.

Pastels take the lead. I’m letting the color of sunshine dangle from my ears this month. I’m wrapping my wrist in mint and letting peach sing a solo.

A subtle sorbet in the winter can revive your grays and creams. It can amplify your navys and blacks. Feminine hues can beckon spring to your front door.

Come hither the rain, the green blades of grass, the humid hints that winter is waving goodbye.

Uhhhh…who knew a color palette could make an ordinary girl spin unnecessary poetry from her fashion blog! Surely, not I.



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