Fireplace Cozy, the Chic Cure for Cabin Fever

Fireplace Cozy

Fondue | Socks | Tray | MarshmallowsScarf

Being stuck inside loses its novelty after the second consecutive day of  being snowed in. It’s called cabin fever and it’s becoming a  normal routine here on the East Coast. During our last blizzard, I ran out of chocolate on Day 1.

I almost called 9-1-1.

You know what would remedy the situation? All these things I do not have:

  • cozy fireplace
  • oversized pillow
  • stack of library books
  • chocolate fondue

My wishlist isn’t asking too much, is it? A girl can dream of lounging by a warm fire in cute pjs with thick, wool socks. A gold tray by her side with two hot chocolates topped with gourmet, dark chocolate marshmallows. And if that wasn’t enough, add in a bowl of fresh strawberries and a sweet fondue for dipping. A scarf is essential for sneaking out into the elements to replenish the wood. Oh wait, add in a husband or special loved one to do the heavy lifting.

Yes, now the day is perfect.



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