Pucker Up Buttercup! 6 Lip Products for a Smashing Smile

6 Lip Treatments for a Bright Smile

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Our eyes may be the window to our souls, but our lips are all, whoooaaahhh hold up mister. Before you take a deep plunge into the depths of my soul I think you better tell me a little about yourself. Like do you have a job? Are you an alien sent from outer space to kidnap me? If you answered yes then no, you may proceed. Otherwise, take a number and kindly remove your spaceship from my lawn.

While the rest of the world perfects their smokey eyes, winged tipped liners, and faux lashes, I personally love to make my lips the main attraction. I have a minimum of three lip glosses on my person at all times. You never know when you’re gonna need a soft apricot sheen or a pale pink shimmer.

And also, these things:

  • A true lady has a lipstick mark on her mug at all times. A kiss-shaped signature, if you will.
  • Red lipstick is for Mondays.
  • A good chapstick will always leave behind an enchanting trail of scents like coconut, shea butter or mint.
  • And finally, lip scrubs are a girl’s secret weapon. (After Spanx.)

So if you’ve learned anything from the blog this week, it’s this: we love shiny things! Lustrous, gorgeous locks and an impossibly glossy smile. What’s your beauty ammo? What part of your beauty routine are you currently perfecting?



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