Getting the Gloss: Hair Care Must-Haves

best hair care products

Shampoo | Hairspray | Brush | Dry Shampoo

Winter.  It makes me want to do weird things to my long locks. Last year, I asked my hairstylist for side-swept bangs.  They annoyed me more than I could have ever imagined possible.  How did little girl me tear around this world with those things getting in my eyeballs?   I’ve had a variety of haircuts over the years, and have come to the conclusion that my hair looks best when long, layered, and remains my natural color.

Still, I’m itching for a mid-winter change, per usual.  In an effort to satisfy the annual desire to reinvent myself, I decided to take a subtle approach.  Operation achieve the ultimate gloss is officially underway.  Ultimate gloss = I want people to be able to see their faces in my hair.

The hair care products above are my absolute favorites.  I have been using the hairspray, paddle brush, and dry shampoo for about a year. The Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak is the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used and it is super inexpensive ($4 & lasts forever).  But, how to get the lovely gloss?  I recently began to lather and rinse my tresses with Fekkai glossing shampoo and I have seen a noticeable difference in the shine factor.  I’m kind of excited about the results and I think this will be in my regular shampoo rotation.  Yes!  I rotate shampoo upon completion of a bottle!  Rusk Sensories, Calm is another one of my most preferred products.  Does anyone else alternate favorite shampoos?

Tell us about your super shiny hair secrets – we’d love to know them!




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