Celebrate Yourself Before Valentine’s Day With These 5 Pick-Me-Ups

Celebrate Yourself With These 5 Pick-Me-Ups

1. clutch2. lip scrub3. bracelet4. heels5. bath bombs

Flowers, candy, cards, blah blah blah. Valentine’s Day. Ready or not, it’s almost here.

This year, take control of your love life (and V DAY expectations) by treating yourself to something super sweet. Yes! Loving yourself is the most important love of all. Thank you, Whitney.

Without it, we couldn’t allow others to love us. And there’s nothing unlovable about you. Muah muah muah! That was a triple air kiss for you. If you needed it.

Sometimes it’s hard to love ourselves. We’re overly critical and we compare ourselves to others. We have high expectations and some of us are stretched thin from work and familial obligations that we barely have time for our precious selves. That’s no good.

To combat any negativity that tries to sneak its way in this week, vow to treat yourself to something that will boost your confidence and mood. Goodbye critical, hello perky. Maybe it’s strapping on a pair of killer red heels, an at-home spa treatment or something uniquely out of your fashion comfort-zone (be mine you sexy lip clutch!). Do it. For the sake of all that’s Hallmark, do something that’ll make you glow on Friday.

Because when you’re a shining-happy-person, it shows. And we love that.



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