If Only…

valentino pink lace shorts

Top | Shorts (way cheaper) | Pumps | Lucite clutch

Last night, I had a dream it was 80° and sunny on Valentine’s Day here in the Northeast.  I was confused, but I liked it.  My dreams lie to me.  It’s Snowman central here in RI.  Summer feels like a million days away, and the unrelenting cold is making me delusional.  I can’t think of any other reason why I’d put an $1800 pair of shorts on Red Tag Couture. DELUSIONS!

If I lived in a warm-weather region, I’d throw on the ever-so chic pair of Valentino pink lace shorts with a feminine blouse to celebrate the “night of hearts & flowers” with my husband and our favorite toy poodle.  We’d eat light fare on the patio and sip crisp, brut champagne.  At the end the evening, we’d share a giant slice of dense, flourless dark chocolate cake with mounds of fresh berries.

Instead, I’ll continue to live where I do and bask in the hope that my dreams occasionally provide me!  No shorts until June.  BUT that chocolate cake and champagne…



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