Erin’s $75 Budget Recap for January

Erin's $75 Budget Recap (January)

Color me a moron this month! I just realized the scarf I had been including in my $75 monthly allowance for January was technically purchased on 12/31. How did this fact go unnoticed by me for an entire month? My memory failed me! And after all that lamenting to Amanda for 31 painful days. I only have $4 left, is what I kept whining (and my calculations were wrong again, I gypped myself of a buck).

**Across America, all of Erin’s former math teachers wept in unison.**

I’m going to take this major misstep as a blessing in disguise. I’m not re-calculating and adding in an extra $40 for February. My calculating days are over. Apparently, I’ll need the assistance of a spreadsheet next time. And a math tutor.

Anyway, this new budget idea that Amanda and I have claimed for ourselves in 2014 is a lot harder than I anticipated. I think $75 can go a long way if you’re selective and not in the throws of winter weather. I want boots and coats and chunky knits! These things are pricey. So instead, I settled on a warm and classic tartan scarf from Lord & Taylor, mayjahly cute booties from Sam Edelman (been on my list for a long, long time) and a new workout hoodie from TJ Maxx.

If you missed our budget talks, here’s a recap:

  • Each month we fill our fashion banks with $75 for clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.
  • Non-essential makeup must be calculated within the $75 (i.e. nail polish, extra lip glosses, new eye shadows)
  • Any amount leftover gets rolled over to the next month

We’re really committed to strict monthly budgeting and hope you’ll cheer us on with your own personal budget woes and wonders!



6 thoughts on “Erin’s $75 Budget Recap for January

  1. I have been budgeting since September and love it! I totally agree that it’s harder to stick to your budget in the winter. For example, I just bought a North Face shell at a consignment store sale last weekend. I needed a long winter jacket b/c it’s been very cold in NC. Stuff like that is expensive. So even though it only cost like $37 – that’s more than a third of my entire monthly budget. Love the scarf and boots by the way. I have a similar pair of boots from justfab and I wore them a lot this fall/winter.

    • I’m glad to hear you were able to fit in a new winter jacket! I’ve been wanting a new one as well. Might have to wait for spring clearance…or buy a wool coat over the summer when they’re super cheap lol!

    • I agree, it depends on the month and time of year. I was very budget-conscious right after Christmas and into January…hoping I can stick to my new budget for the rest of the year even when I feel a strong urge to splurge!

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  3. I got put on a budget by the hubby (though it was both of our decision). The “allowance” is supposed to include any extras like Starbucks and entertainment, so I’m not sure what that will actually leave for clothes, but it will be pretty close to yours I think. It’s fun, right? I do like a good challenge!

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