A Girl’s Guide to Selecting a Favorite Football Team


Hat | Sneakers | Top | Necklace | Jeans

So, I did some research.  The Broncos and the Seahawks are playing a fancy football game on Sunday.  The dual of hikes and hut, huts is supposed to go down in New Jersey.  People are paying prices that are not very red tag to see this game.  Who knew?  Apparently, everyone but me.   I don’t even try to pretend that I care about football.

Even though I am not a football fan, I pick a team to cheer for every year.  I obviously have zero committment to any team.  ZERO.  Sometimes, I make my selection to be oppositional.  I rooted for the Green Bay Packers in 2011 because they were playing against my husband’s team.  As an added bonus, I enjoy cheese.

My Super Bowl 2014 choice was based on team colors.  Green and blue complement one another so well.  The combination is purely classic.  Besides, I love the sea.  Hawks, I’m not too sure about.  They seem sneaky.

GO Seahawks! Have a fun and safe Super Bowl XLVIII.  I probably won’t watch, but I’ll definitely be glued to the TV during the Full House greek yogurt commercial!  Who are you cheering for?  I’m team Danny.



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