Chalkboard Envy? Yeah, It’s a Thing

Chalkboard Accessories


I envy homeowners whose kitchens’ beckon its hungry patrons with a wall-sized chalkboard of the week’s meals all planned out. I want that to be my life, please. (See also: personal chef.) But since my galley kitchen is as narrow as it is long, and with minimal wall space available, I’ll settle for filling my home with chalkboard accessories instead.

I could scribble away in cursive all day and all night on a blackboard as black as midnight and chalk as creamy as milk. Yeah, I’m getting all poetic about chalk! If not me, who else?

Actually my kitchen chalkboard would look a little something like this:


Sunday – TBD
Monday – IDK I’m Too Tired to Cook
Tuesday – Poptarts & Salad
Wednesday – Tuesday’s Leftovers
Thursday – Pizza Maybe
Friday – Takeout
Saturday – Amanda Feed Me!



5 thoughts on “Chalkboard Envy? Yeah, It’s a Thing

  1. LOL you are writing this post for the both of us. I totally have chalkboard envy. And labeled/organized kitchen envy. And menu planning/chef envy. I’ll just stare at those chalkboard pictures now and drool. Sigh.

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