Snowy Day!


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When my dog was a puppy, she had a difficult time understanding that my slippers were not her toys.  She’d run over to my feet and snatch a slipper off my foot like a bandit.  It was great fun for her, and I wondered whether or not one could auction an untrainable poodle on ebay.  I stopped wearing slippers altogether.  I worked on my puppy training skills, too.  Tilly is such a good girl now.  She wouldn’t even think about stealing or eating my slippers.

And so, with that, let there be slippers once again. 

I picked up those polkadotty Boden, printed slippers for half the price after Christmas.  They are super cozy, and I’ve been enjoying them immensely.  I actually splurged and bought a coral and grey striped pair since shipping was a flat rate.  I wasn’t on a $75 budget back then.  (Good times.)

Anyhow, it’s snowing here and I don’t have to go to work today.  After I finish shoveling the driveway with my husband (aka he shovels nearly everything and I make a sweet path for the mailman), I’ll be in the house drinking hot cocoa and getting ahead on my work.  Weird how I am still thinking of my job even when I’m not required to do so.  Do any of you participate in that kind of nonsense? 



3 thoughts on “Snowy Day!

  1. I would love a snow day!! Send some our way and I’ll let you know if I can keep my mind off work 😀 Seriously though, I also find it hard to mentally adapt to something if it’s out of my usual routine. Hope you enjoyed your day and yay for slippers! While my dog won’t snatch them from my feet, anything that’s within his reach is fair game. We have a lot of shoes sitting on counters around our house..

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