4 Items Your Guy Owns That You Can Wear

Men's wear you can wear
Sunnies | Scarf | Watch | Weekender

As you learned earlier in the week, Erin and I have husbands who were nearly eaten by a large, yet jovial, fashion bug.  The bug wore a tartan scarf, a tweed sports jacket, and a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses.  They were just wee little things when the incident occurred.  Legend has it, their stylish mothers saved them.  Said bug only had time to gnaw on them for a moment or two.  Fortunately, they lived to tell the story.  There’s an upside to this tale, of course.  Our guys are always dressed like a dream (they require little to no help getting ready), and we get to reap the occasional benefit of borrowing their accessories.

Save your money and pursue his closet. 
Forget about limiting yourself to the extra warm socks.  Your guy most likely has some duds that you can actually wear in public.  I recently snagged one of my husband’s plaid scarves and glammed it up with some fun jewelry.  I also recall a story about a traveling Erin who received numerous compliments on her chic weekender – it was her husband’s.

But, how should I style his stuff?
There are endless ways to infuse men’s accessories into your wardrobe.  Even his simple white t-shirt can be translated into a feminine look.  Just use your imagination.  My next idea is to borrow my husband’s leather band watch to wear with a long-sleeved, navy sequin top.  The casual watch will tone things down a tad when I wear my sparkling top during the day.  Husband might need to punch another notch in the band, though.

Take a peek at your favorite guy’s wardrobe.  Is there anything you can borrow?



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