The Jewelry Drawer Audit & Swoon Worthy Silver

Jewelry Under 16

Chain Necklace | Chandelier Earrings | Crystal Studs | Statement Necklace

Hooray!  You just bought a shiny new addition to your jewelry collection.
It’s so nice to skip through the parking lot with a pretty tissue filled bag.  Here’s how things might unfold after you delicately place the bag on your kitchen table: The sparkling-something sits in the human ornament queue – waiting, no, begging to be worn.  You brush past it every time you bejewel yourself.  After a while, you forget it’s there.  It never gets worn because in your mind it doesn’t exist.  You purchase something EVEN BETTER.  Skipping ensues, yet again.  We can all agree this is a vicious cycle, even if it does involve skipping.

What’s going on?
Are we’re simply wasteful, emotional shoppers?  Nah, we’re better than that.  Perhaps, we simply do not know what we own.  It would serve us well to take inventory of the merchandise in our at-home shopping center.

Yes!  Audit your jewelry drawer.
Make a list and check it…four times.  What’s missing?  What’s been neglected?  I took stock over the weekend and noticed that my costume jewelry is severely lacking in the sliver department.  Specifically, I’d like a silver statement necklace.  I’m on the hunt and still have $16 of my budget to work with.  I’ll find something sparkly and on sale – I’m sure of it!  During my audit, I was thrilled to find this great pair of blue Kate Spade earrings in the depths of a jewelry bag.  They dressed up jeans, a simple navy top and my husband’s tartan scarf.  I felt like I went shopping.  I’ve got this budget thing in the bag!

Be honest.  How many hobo or unused gems do you possess?



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