Save or Splurge: NYX Makeup Primer vs. Smashbox

Nyx Studio Perfect Primer vs. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

With age comes wisdom. And that wisdom is the knowledge that cheap does not always indicate a product’s quality or lack thereof.  (Except toilet paper. Generic TP is a crime against humanity.)

Take foundation primer, for example. For years and years, Smashbox Photo Finish was my go-to. I easily snubbed all other brands as if I had the deep pockets to invest in a clear substance that goes UNDER foundation. Does it even work? It’s hard to say except that it does work and I can’t live without it.

But every so often a girl needs to tighten her financial belt and whenever I felt the pinch to save more and splurge less, purchasing expensive makeup was the first “non-essential” to be cut from my list of wants. For a makeup junkie, this is a very sad thing. But without the tears.

And then one day, in walked NYX Studio Perfect Primer. When I finally spotted this bottle at my local Ulta (it was always sold out), I knew she was the one. With one sample squeeze later, I was hooked. I’ve been using this primer for about five months now and I can say it’s a perfect alternative to Smashbox — so similar in texture and application  — it’s almost uncanny. Not to mention, it rings in at a cool $13.

Do you have a favorite budget buy in the makeup aisle? We’d love to know! If you have any favorite brands that are just as good as their expensive counterparts, share them with us in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Save or Splurge: NYX Makeup Primer vs. Smashbox

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