Men’s Wear 101: Shirts from the Paul Fredrick Spring Launch

Paul Frederick Spring Launch

Whoever claimed dogs are a man’s best friend clearly never met our husbands. Our two lovable  fashionistos are shirt and tie obsessed.

They email each other during the week to discuss their latest purchases, and if that weren’t bad enough, it’s been said that one of them has even claimed the second bedroom and converted it into his own walk-in closet. Shirts. Everywhere. Like that scene in The Great Gatsby.

They’re modern men with a taste for the finer things in life, but like us, they’re working with a red tag budget.

Paul Fredrick shirts have the same bespoke features of high-end British shirt-makers (think Turnbull & Asser, Thomas Pink, or Hilditch & Key) and their Spring 2014 line is turning out to be one of our favorites to date.  We (okay, the husbands) like that they have a large selection of fabric patterns and collar and cuff options.  Paul Fredrick is known for their excellent quality and customer service.  You will not be disappointed with the options and he’ll look like a million dollars so he can be YOUR arm candy for a change. (Don’t tell him we said that.)

Erin’s Picks:
First impressions are everything, especially in the business world. My husband loves vibrant colors, but he has a really strict dress code at this office. His shirts have to be white or blue, which is why I opted for a classic business blue and a crisp white button-up for their versatility. Choosing conservative cuts and solid colors will allow him to get more creative with his tie and socks combination without a second glance from HR. These two looks offer my gentleman a polished look that still shows off his personality.

Amanda’s Picks:
My husband is all about details (which is mostly a very good thing).  I chose option one for the double-button barrel, mitered cuffs.  The classic combination of yellow & blue have been updated with a semi-spread collar – a major win.  My second selection is so Gordon Gekko – there is nothing cleaner than a white collar shirt with white french cuffs. Cufflinks and a colorful tie add personality to an otherwise all business look.

We’re really excited that the awesome people at Paul Fredrick gave us a sneak peek at their 2014 Spring Launch. There are so many other shirt colors, patterns and styles than the four we chose to feature so make sure to give them a look over if you’re looking to makeover your man this spring.


PS to our readers – All photos are courtesy of Paul Fredrick. Red Tag Couture was approached to write about the new shirt line, but we were not compensated in exchange for this blog post. 


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