Workout At Home: Be Stylish, Be Comfortable & Dance Like a Ballerina

Work In, Workout

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The gym. It’s so crowded this time of year. Nabbing a treadmill after 5pm on a week night can seem harder than getting accepted to Harvard. Can’t a girl run off her angst and worries and extra slice of pie without a perfect score on the SATs and an aptitude for, well, everything?

It’s months like these I’m glad I have a workout fall-back: The home gym, also known as my tiny living room. With creaky wood floors and a low ceiling fan, it’s like a dream except it’s a total nightmare.

Only kidding, it’s not that bad.

My home gym may not be ideal for a high intensity cardio kick-boxing DVD a la Billy Blanks and his primary color leotard-clad crew, but it’s the perfect space for a girl to live out her dream of being an aging prima ballerina.

“Her pliés have improved so much over the past few months.” -The Cat

The Best Apartment Living/Small Space Workout Video

About a year ago, I discovered the XTEND BARRE workout video on Amazon. I’ve had it on my Kindle ever since and take it with me everywhere even when I travel. I purchased the instant video version for $9.99. If you want the DVD version, buy it here.

I love this video for so many reasons, but the two most important being: (1) it’s a total body workout & (2) you can do this video in a really small space and all you need are 2-pound weights and a kitchen chair.

Get a New Outfit While You’re at It

New year’s resolutions mean more than crowded gyms – it means activewear is on sale. If it motivates, cautiously splurging on some new workout wear never hurt a checkbook. TJMaxx, Marshall’s & OldNavy have good quality, low price options.

Workout Tips for 2014: Sweat in a killer outfit, squats are a girl’s best friend, and above all, make sure that whatever you do to stay in shape, it should motivate and inspire you…not make you feel inadequate. That’s what supermodels are for.



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