The Perfect Snow Day of My Dreams

Snow storm #2 graced our presence on Tuesday afternoon here in New England and although it brought some white, fluffy, easy-to-shovel snow, I’ve quickly slipped into seasonal depression mode. I need sunlight! I need temps above 20 degrees! I need to clean up the pairs of shoes that are forming a small mountain under my office desk.

With winter officially on its way in a few days, I know I’ve got to get a grip on reality and deal with at least 2.5 more months of not-so-ideal weather. And while my snow days are sometimes riddled with panic over digging out my car, hoping the power doesn’t go out and eating the last few scraps of “decent” snacks left in my kitchen cabinet, here’s what I wish it could be like:

After sleeping in, I pitter patter down to the living room where a buffet of sweets await me in front of a crackling fireplace. (In my snow dreams, I live in a palatial estate.)

From there, I take my mimosa up to the bathroom and soak in the tub for an hour. You can’t see it, but there’s another fireplace in here, which gives the room an extra source of heat and ambiance. Also, the skylight is covered in a blanket of snow making the lighting soft and flattering. After all, a girl needs some low lighting when she’s relaxing in a tub next to a giant mirror.


Image via House Beautiful

After drying off in one of my beautiful pink towels, I head back downstairs for a hearty lunch of tomato soup and gourmet grilled cheese.


Image via Williams-Sonoma

With a full belly, I park myself in the OTHER living room where I bury myself in a mound of blankets and pillows. *flips to Netflix and purchases five Rom Coms*


Image via Minimalisti

Oh look who’s hungry again! It’s a s’mores skillet baked for two.

Get the recipe at Dessert for Two

Get the recipe at Dessert for Two

My snow days include a lot of eating.

By the time I’m ready for third dessert, the snowflakes have slowed and the pizza delivery man has 29 minutes to get here or my pie is free.

The End


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