A Gift For Tea Lovers

Tea Gift Ideas

Tea napkins | Jam | Scones | Tea

A-tisket a-tasket – Red Tag Couture loves a luxurious basket.  Here’s a secret: You only have to know a couple of things about a person to buy him/her a “wow” gift.  Just pay attention!  Your friend at work who has a chocolate stash in her drawer – we know what to get her.  Your culinary genius of a father-in-law – yup, we know what to get him.  And clearly, we know what to get for your earl grey tea-obsessed BFF.  A well-appointed gift basket is as coveted as it is thoughtful.   Start with a theme, let the ideas brew, and in no time your teapot will be whistling away.

Quick Tips: Be sure to fill the bottom of the basket with newspaper or tissue paper before you add the decorative shred.  Build your basket with the larger items, adding the smaller gifts once you’ve created a base.  Strategically place the prettiest item in the center to use as a focal point.  Don’t be afraid to tape or prop your items.

Who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful, homemade gift basket?  Crumpets, anyone?



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