5 Affordable Coats to Covet This Winter

Emily from www.cupcakesandcashmere.com

Image via Cupcakes and Cashmere

5 Affordable Winter Coats to Adore

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Let’s talk teens without jackets. I see them shivering at the bus stop in their grey sweatshirts and furry, ankled UGGs on the regular. What gives mini ladies? Afraid to be warm? Afraid an insulated jacket might peg you for a practical young adult? The horror!

They’re totally missing out on one of my absolute favorite winter trends. Boxy car coats, structured bell jackets, hidden buttons, toggles, fur-trimmed hoods, mid-length, leather accents. There’s a coat for every occasion and an occasion for every jacket. You can quote me on that.

There’s nothing sweeter than the clean lines and patterns of a killer winter coat. Except maybe a coat on sale or one that’s heavily marked down. I’m one for stalking my prey on Bluefly.com for weeks. It takes patience and dedication (and maybe even a little desperation) to wait for the right price, but it’s worth it. A great purchase can last you a decade.

If you’re more of an impulsive shopper–and who isn’t every once in a while–we’ve rounded up five fab and affordable coats to fit your pre-Christmas budget. What’s your favorite way to show-off your winter style?



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