Dry Skin Solution: The Only Moisturizer You Need

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Being itchy and scratchy as a result of the winter weather is brutal.  Imagine this: You’re lounging on the sofa snug as a bug in a rug with your colorful new throw blanket and you can’t get completely comfortable because your back is dry.  This annoys you for  a variety of reasons.  Mostly, your irritated because Rudolph is on and taking a rake to your back during the “why am I such a nitwit” scene is not an option.  Scratch.  You’ll suffer.  As you embark upon your bedtime skincare ritual, you notice dry, red elbows and cracked hands. Your back looks a scaly shade of ash.  Scratch, scratch, scratch.  You decide to slather on some lotion.  What’s a human alligator to do?

Next time you’re out holiday shopping, grab yourself a tube of Bliss Body Butter.  If you’re particularly dry and flakey, run… don’t walk.  Why I love it: The maximum moisture cream is light in texture, paraben free and goes on velvety smooth.  Greasy film?  No way.  The Lemon & Sage (bright & fresh, but not in an artificially lemony way) and the Vanilla & Bergamot (warm and woodsy) are equally lovely. I’ve had success with Bliss products in the past, so I scooped up both scents (purchased at TJ Maxx!).  Since it’s the season of giving, why not include Bliss Body Butter into a spa basket for someone special?  Fa-la-la-la-lotion!

I never thought I’d find myself lamenting about lotion on the internet, but I felt it necessary to share this simple delight.  Remember, not all moisturizers are created equal, and keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Which moisturizing cream do you swear by?



3 thoughts on “Dry Skin Solution: The Only Moisturizer You Need

  1. I have tried this lotion before, and it’s pretty good. But lately I’ve been using CapriClear on my skin right after my shower (with skin still wet). It’s actually just liquid coconut oil without the coconut smell and it’s really great for my super duper duper dry skin. My skin is so dry it really needs just straight up oil, lol. I used to use baby oil but switched because coconut oil is much more natural (obv).

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