The Perfect Presents for Your Cheesy Friends

Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers


Sweet dreams are made of cheese. And so are the kitchen accouterments that accompany a fine cheese plate.

For the cheese monger in your life (the one who gravitates towards the stinkiest cheeses at the market), consider putting together a cheese-themed gift idea. There’s nothing more exciting than discovering a new flavor (blueberry cheese? it exists) than displaying your finds like a work of art.

The perfect pairings for your fromage friend:

  • Start with a wooden cheese board. The more rustic the better.
  • Then add in some unique cheese-slicing and smearing utensils. I love the cork detailing on these.
  • Finally, allow your guests to pile their plates sky high with buttery bries and sharp cheddars, warm baguettes and herb-flavored crackers on appetizer plates and a pop of pizzazz with colorful paper napkins.

Before presenting your gift (choose one item or gift them all in a wicker basket and bow), make a quick pit stop at the grocery store for 2-3 different varieties of cheeses. Don’t forget a fresh-baked baguette or box of assorted crackers.

bon appetit!



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