Sweet Gifts for a New Mom


New Mom Gifts

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restoration hardware baby's

Balloons | Champagne Cakes | Stowaway Box | Luxe Fur Hats & Boots

I know you’re probably in holiday shopping mode, but there are babies born everyday.  Stinking cute tiny people.  If you know someone who has recently had a little one, you know it’s super easy to splurge on something for the baby.  How adorable are those faux fur booties and hats from the unlikely Restoration Hardware?  Far too cute!

But what about the momma?  You know, the awesome woman who carried the little bundle of joy for approximately 40 weeks.  If you’re heading to the hospital to visit a new mom (or even visiting the new family at their home after some settling in), a small token for her is a thoughtful gesture. I think bringing food to the hospital is a good call – they tend not to cook well at those joints!  If you have time, why not personalize a gift?  Monogrammed anything can be a perfect keepsake for this type of special event.  If there is a big brother/sister, I typically purchase them a fun book!

Everyday there is a “new baby celebration” somewhere, and that’s a pretty nice thought!   What gift(s) do you typically bring to a new mom?



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