Personalized Gifts for Under $40

Personalized Gifts for Under $40

DecanterMugsPlatesNecklaceCutting Board

What’s thoughtful, alphabet-friendly and can’t be re-gifted? It’s a personalized gift. Show your loved ones you’re onto them. They know who they are.

Kidding, that was the pumpkin pie talking. Too many slices of a certain Thanksgiving dessert can make a girl see red when she can’t button her work pants on the Monday morning after a holiday weekend. (I’m speaking for a friend.)

*clears throat*

Something personalized is my biggest go-to gift for the hard-to-buy people in my life. You know, like dads who can buy themselves whatever they want (and usually do). Or crafty sisters, whiskey-loving husbands, newlywed friends, hard to impress in-laws. Nothing says I put a lot of thought into this like a giant “A” emblazoned on a mug or a decorative “B” on a white porcelain dinner plate.

Etsy is a great place to start when you’re looking for something hand-made, high quality and very affordable.

Happy Shopping.



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