4 Ways to Slip Into Something More Comfortable

4 ways to slip into something more comfortable

As the cool air rushes in and stirs the trees outside, all I can think about is the sweet satisfaction of spending a night indoors. It’s my happy place. No makeup, no heels, no nothing except the flickering light of the television, a warm blanket and my loved ones.

For a most perfectly perfect night in, may I suggest:

1. Slipper socks (for toasty toes)
Greatest remedy ever for people who suffer from “icicle feet” or have wood floors.

2. Pink polish (for a no fuss mani)
No need for perfection, feel free to take a cue from your nieces and nephews by coloring outside the lines.

3. Elastic pants (don’t sweat the extra helpings)
One slice, two slice, three slice, four. The forgiving construction of comfy pants make it easy to indulge in an extra helping of pie. With whipped cream.

4. Shelf your contacts (four your eyes only)
Your contacts won’t mind an extra night in the “jacuzzi” (aka, a pool of saline).

Whether you’re traveling near or far or staying put this week, we hope you find the time for a little and most definitely deserved R&R.



3 thoughts on “4 Ways to Slip Into Something More Comfortable

  1. Hope you had a lovely weekend! Why, I’m rockin the sweatpants, glasses, and toasty warm socks right now (with a glass of wine by twinkle lights) – your post is spot on!! Stay cozy! xx

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