In the Throws: 4 Stylish Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets


Blanket weather has arrived; and lounging on the sofa without a fluffy throw is officially impossible.  Oh, cold – you’ve only just begun.  Yes, a collective sigh is in order.  Um, unless you like the cold weather.  If so, picture me doing a happy dance for you whilst bundled up in a snowsuit – A Christmas Story style.  It’s true.  I was born to bask in the humid air, and I resemble a two year-old carrying my favorite blanket around the house all winter.  With a cup of hot tea.  Shivering.

Aside from being functional, throws can be a simple way to add a dash of panache into a room.  Use them to introduce pattern to your living room or atop your solid bedding.  Better yet, a solid throw will tone things down a bit.  So many possibilities.

Poodle in a Blanket

Tilly loves my her Pottery Barn Metallic Throw!  She thinks it’s jazzy and warm.  Snuggle up, buttercup!



3 thoughts on “In the Throws: 4 Stylish Throw Blankets

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