Cinema Style for Movie Season

Cinema Style for Movie Season


Hollywood knows what’s up. They save their best and brightest, most Oscar-worthy movies for the beginning of holiday season. What’s better after a hearty fall meal—black bean soup and grilled cheese—than to park your rear in a theater for a solid two hours? I beg you, nothing.

Except maybe a trip to WholeFoods for a bag of dark chocolate covered cherries to smuggle in. (Yeah, have a seat overpriced concession stand. We don’t need you.)

There are two movies I’m really looking forward to seeing next week when I have a little more free time:

1. Catching Fire (The Hunger Games Series) – Out November 22nd
2. The Book Thief – Currently in theaters

I downloaded The Book Thief onto my Kindle after seeing the trailer and it has completely stolen my heart. The writing is breathtaking. Highly recommended if you’re itching for a new read.

What recent movies would you recommend? What are you looking forward to seeing this holiday season? 



2 thoughts on “Cinema Style for Movie Season

  1. So very in lust with this comfy look. I always struggle when it comes to picking out what to wear to a movie, I hate wearing jeans unless I have to so leggings is always my go to when having some down time. Jeggings is a perfect option for inbetween! I’m excited for the Hunger Games, I’ve never heard of The Book Theif but I did just watch it and it looks really good. Have you heard of Divergent? That looks pretty good too!
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