Rose Gold Accessories Under $50

Rose Gold Accessories for Under $50

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It is not, I repeat, it is not officially gift giving season yet. That means you still have about nine bright, sunshiney days left to buy yourself something super purdy without feeling that old familiar pang of holiday guilt.

Picture this: It’s Black Friday and you’re strolling the mall trying to work off that extra slice of pecan pie. You find the perfect rose gold bracelet to complement your 2013 fall/winter wardrobe. Suddenly and without warning, you’re next in line.  Would you like a gift receipt, miss? the cashier says accusingly. You lower your eyes and whisper, no thank you.

You think you saw her shake her head in disgust.

What judgmental cashier lady doesn’t know is that you’ve already mapped out presents for each of your loves ones. You may have even purchased them online AND received an estimated delivery date. She doesn’t know you! She doesn’t know you at all.

Ever since I was able to afford Christmas gifts, Black Friday marked the official end of buying things for myself. That’s why this week I’ve been trying to take an inventory of what I think I’ll “need” (in quotation marks, because seriously, I need nothing. nothing.) from Thanksgiving through January 1st. I’ve been viciously stalking my favorite e-retail sites for steals and deals and came across a bevy of rose gold beauties. Gotta have it, the voice in my head sang.

There’s something so festive and chic about a sparkly gilded rose something. Rose gold is ready to party, all night, every day. But she’s also responsible and ladylike.

She’s like, yeah let’s blow this Popsicle stand of an office party and head for the karaoke bar where I will perform a Celine Dion original, flawlessly. With a wind machine. And then I will skillfully lull all the babies in the city to sleep while whipping up a chocolate soufflé. (Because let’s face it, that’s how rose gold rolls.)

Happy last days of real shopping, ladies.



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