A Classic and Easy Work Outfit

Target Wrap Dress


Little me wanted to wear a dress every single day.  You know, because wearing pants was for boys!  As I get older, I find myself reverting back to my 6-year-old mindset, but for different reasons.  Dresses are easy, and always look polished.  Besides, I’m not sure what’s with professional pants lately.  Getting dressed and looking fabulous should be a simple task – and pants have been complicating the ease of outfit selection lately.

Solid wrap dresses go a long way, but they often need a work appropriate revamp.  The best feature of this sensible silhouette is their adjustment friendliness.  With a tug and a cinch, the garment will appear perfectly tailored.  If you’re modest or do not like a v-neckline, add a graphic scarf.  You’ll stay warm in the office and you won’t feel like you’re showing too much skin.  Wraps tend to be lighter weight and less structured than an ordinary work dress.  We suggest you add a slip and opaque tights.  Textured tights = a surprise element of fun. Simplicity leaves a little extra time to play around with accessories.  Hooray!

Dresses and skirts are my signature wear to work items.  What are yours?



6 thoughts on “A Classic and Easy Work Outfit

  1. haha, I’m the same way. I only wore dresses when I was little (and I cried when my mom would force me to wear pants), then I went through a tomboy phase, but now I’ve come full circle and prefer dresses. I think it’s because they ARE so easy, effortless and polished, like you mentioned.

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