Affordable Hostess Gifts: The Gold Edition

Hostess Gift Giving Guide: Gold Accents


Make your hostess feel like a goddess with the gift of gold. And make the other guests turn red with embarassment for bringing store-bought dip and crappy bubbly. Yeah, you’re outshining even the brightest star tonight.

EVEN THOUGH…it’s not about making yourself look good. It’s about acknowledging your BBFL for having the courage to plan and execute one heck of a soirée.

You know she’s been up all night worrying. You know she was up early preparing the food and the crudités and making sure the bar was fully stocked. You know she barely had time to put on a little lipstick (and yet she still looks flawless). 

Show your appreciation—for not being there in the morning for an epic clean-up—by gifting her with something special.

What is your favorite and affordable way to give your hostess some love?


2 thoughts on “Affordable Hostess Gifts: The Gold Edition

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