4 Ways to Wear Leather This Fall

4 ways to wear leather this fall

Sometimes it’s not about adding new items to your wardrobe, but about getting inspired by the season’s styles in new and interesting ways. I love spending a few hours catching up on fashion blogs and combing through retail sites for inspiration. I love exploring the ways the fashion conscious in my city dress for the bus stop, the subway, and [insert other modes of transportation].

I once copied an outfit head-to-toe after spying the girl down the street waiting for her bus. It’s true, I was people watching from my bedroom window—in need of a serious breather from staring into the black hole that is my closet for a solid 10 minutes. Bright skinny jeans, a striped 3/4 boat neck t-shirt and peep toe wedges stared up at me from the street below. Her ensemble had me creepin’. Poor girl! She was blissfully unaware that her neighbor lady was a sad, sad soul. But her outfit was so simple and classic, I just had to replicate. The pairing was enlightening. Like a fashion epiphany.

Now About the Leather

Leather is so sassy and rock n’ roll and these ladies know what’s up when it comes to making it accessible for the every day, ordinarily fabulous girl. They had me scouring my closet for similar and alike items to pull together (even if they weren’t leatheresque).

1. Peplum Top 
Love the hair, love the smile, love the top. For warmth, pair it with a colorful blazer or navy pants.

2. Baseball Hat
Bad hair day meet your new BFF. It’s a leather baseball hat and it’s sporty and sophisticated, which diverts attention from potentially ruinous hair weather.

3. Leggings
So chic, especially when paired with chunky-black-layered knits. Also, if you didn’t know you could rock a neon tote like a boss, now you do.

4. Skater Skirt
It’s short without being showy. Add a basic t-shirt and textured stockings for a relaxed weekend look.

We’d love to know…what inspires you? Are you a buy-what-the-mannequin-has-on type of gal or do you gain inspiration from the world around you?



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