A Quick Protein Cookie Recipe

cookies 3

Get your aprons out and set your Easy Bake oven to 350º.  Today, we bake protein packed peanut buttery cookies.  These cookies are easy, inexpensive and bursting with the protein most cookies lack.  You’ll need peanut butter cookie mix (Betty Crocker works), two scoops of vanilla protein powder, and the left over Halloween Peanut Butter Cups & Reese’s Pieces you’ve  been cursing.  Candy, candy everywhere!  

Cookie Recipe

Follow the recipe on the back of the mix you select, and include your favorite extras.  In addition, add a little more oil and water into your concoction.  You can eyeball it – eventually, you’ll get the proper cookie dough consistency.  Roll them up, and watch ’em bake!

peanut butter cookies

This recipe is neither healthy nor pretty – just a quick and simple way to sweeten up your day.  Even if your mom’s peanut butter cookies are beyond divine, you’re going to eat a cookie that isn’t made from scratch every now and then.  Adding protein seems like a good idea, no?



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