Autumn in Full Bloom

Florals for Fall

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Our transition from watermelon reds to velvety shades of purple is just about complete. Spring isn’t the only season with something to bloom about. Autumn gives us plenty of floral options to help us dress our tables and even ourselves.

It really is a spectacular time of year. And so many occasions to celebrate, too! Makes my heart all aflutter with visions of sugar plums, weathered pine cones, and leaves the color of flames.

If there exists a place on this earth that wears fall all year long, I’d pack my bags and never look back. (And I’d wander around the apple orchards in one of those floral bridesmaids gowns proudly!)

Yes, crown me the Queen of the Autumnal Florals and place an earthy tiara upon my head. I’m ready to eat, sleep and breath this fall air.

What are your favorite fall florals, succulents and gourds? 



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