Who Knew? What to Wear to a Hoedown

Holy hoedownPlaid and burlap.  A touch of cow print.  Potato sack races – you’re totally going to win.  I was recently a guest at a hoedown themed kiddie party.  It was two parts cute and one part unconventional.  I wish I had snapped some photos because my friend did a fab job with the food and decor.  I was too busy sipping on mulled cider and rum.  Need a little hoedown inspiration?  How about those cow rice crispy treats?

Hoedown Party


I am a lot of things, but I am not a country girl.  It’s not to say that I dislike the country, but if you read this blog you probably know that Erin and I are New England {sub}urbanites to the core.  Um, I wore leopard to the hoedown. The spots looked amusing amongst the sea of plaid.  Yes, I could have googled “what to wear to a hoedown,” but it didn’t cross my mind.  I am who I am, and I do what I do.  Except, my outfit failed for the occasion, and I don’t like to fail at things.  Lesson learned.  If ever I find myself at another hoedown, I’ll be ready.  Plaid can be chic on a city girl, too!

hoedown outfit


What’s your favorite party theme?



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