Blush Sophisticate: A Twist on the White-On-White Trend

Styling White on White


Satin, and faux fur, and lace.  Oh my!  Today we are bringing you the most exquisite, pale pink ensemble in the land.  With a mingling of textures this divine, you’re going to look absolutely magical.  Kate would deem this look fit for a royal.  We trpically consult with her regarding all things fashion, but she was busy last night.

There is something dream-like about monochromatic schemes.  Whimsical, even.   If pale pink or crème do not complement your complexion, you’ll be happy to know you can find these items in black.  Roll out the red carpet, you can wear this outfit anywhere you’d like to look polished and pretty.  Anywhere.

Wear this to: The holiday party at work.  A New Year’s Eve dinner.  Date night.  Lose the coat for some Spring/Summer affection.  Your fancy upcoming high school reunion (is that really happening already?).  Show them who deserves Best Dressed.  Because, really, it will be you.  Awards are nice.



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