Here Kitty, Kitty Costume for Girls Who Don’t Dress Up for Halloween

Here kitty, kitty costume for girls who don't want to dress up

Hat (Forever 21, no longer available)| Sweater |SunglassesBraFlats

We’re not all naughty little minxes on Halloween. Some of us will actually parade around in public with our bras UNDER our clothes.

MEEEE-OW. **snaps her fingers** The claws are coming out tonight!

If you’re a little hesitant to go costume-clad this holiday weekend for whatever reason (meeting your better half’s friends for the first time, cocktails with your coworkers, ‘CAUSE YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT), go (less) wild and make your leopard print work it while still being an integral member of the barely-there party.

Trust us, you can be a sultry kitty even in an oversized sweater. Pair it with leather leggings and channel your inner Michelle Pfeiffer, add a kitten heel and cat-eyed sunglasses. Saunter your way through the bar or restaurant of your choosing nonchalantly, knowing your unmentionables are the cat’s pajamas. Yeah, that’s right. You’re rocking leopard under there.

You’re a saucy thang!

Turn your “costume” up a couple thousand notches and frame your eyes with a winged-tip liner and pucker up with ruby red lips. Have fun with your face painting. After all, Halloween is your free pass to wear glitter eye makeup and Lee Press-On nails. Go wild.

Or not.



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