Kate Middleton as Sporty Spice

Kate Middleton's Navy Style

Blazer: Target | Shirt: TOPSHOP| Heels: ModCloth| Photos: Yahoo News | DailyMail

Oh look, it’s little Prince Georgie dressed in ruffles and lace! He may only be a few months old, but he’s already bringing some royal realness to his outfits.

He’s no fool. He knows that for the rest of his life, he’ll have to work hard to keep up with his photo-ready mum. She’s got some game.

Did you see the pics of her spiking a volleyball  in a navy blazer, breton shirt and cork wedges last week? Like hello. Does it get more fabulous than that? She’s a princess, in jeggings, going full throttle on the vball court. There are no words.

…but of course I’ll continue.

Mrs. Wales is a master of the blazer. Whether it’s a cream McQueen or a navy blazer off the rack, Kate always brings the fashion scene to a screeching halt. Known for her clean lines and simple styles, she’s accessible and never fussy. Could you say we’re a little obsessed with the royal Duchess? Yes, that would be accurate and we’re totally cool with that.



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