At Home: Essentials for a Tailor-Made Spa Day

Spa Day Essentials


The ultimate luxury?  Relaxation.  A day at the spa fosters rejuvenation and clarity.  Of course, this is an expensive treat.  We have an alternative, naturally.  With minimal effort you can easily transform your home into a temple of calm.

Let’s get Zen, shall we?

The night before your spa day prepare some healthy trail mix, slice cucumbers, and put a pitcher of lemon water in the refrigerator.  Select a room in your home or apartment that makes you feel at ease, and spend the day there.  Set the mood with soothing music.  The sound of chirping birds adds a little extra sweetness.  Here’s a cool sound mixer for your relaxation soundtrack.  A warm cup of green tea or a minty herbal infusion should awaken the senses.  Now is the time to appreciate your beautiful, elegant china.  Sip slowly.  Make this quite moment last!

Maybe you’ll give yourself a pedicure.  Or perhaps, you’d prefer a clay mask and a little extra hydration.  Farmaesthetics is a truly special line of organic skincare products.  The lotion and mask are extremely gentle and they smell like the purest of herbs.  Wrap yourself in all things crisp, clean, soft and cozy.  No internet allowed – you don’t need that sort of mind clutter.

Far too often we forget to make time to replenish ourselves.  Be the kind of person who remembers to remember (Foer).



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