Be a Cute French Girl for Halloween

French Girl Costume Idea

Top: Dorothy Perkins Skirt: Dorothy Perkins Beret: Scarf: Fashion Conscience Bracelet: BAUBLEBAR Fishnets: Zara Heels: Zara

Ladies, let’s vow to avoid Party City for our Halloween costumes this year. We don’t need a packaged, poorly-made, skirt-up-to-here outfit to make an entrance. Our closets are too good and our creative prowess is too strong. So put on your fun girl hat and jump into that wardrobe of yours. And make a mess if you need to. You can clean up later.

This French girl costume is the perfect way to join in on the Halloween festivities while keeping your fashion in check. Your new name and identity? Dominique Iwannacroissant.

Start with a striped shirt. Short sleeves, long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves or no sleeves. Pair it with a high waisted red tube skirt, fishnets and your go-to black heels. Add a black beret and neck scarf. You’re almost done andย ooh la la you’re looking so chic! Find yourself some baguette gemstones to adorn your wrists et voila….French girl in a flash!

Best part of this entire out fit? Keep that red skirt in mind for your office holiday party.



8 thoughts on “Be a Cute French Girl for Halloween

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