We Heart Burberry Prorsum 2013

Burberry Runway Images

Burberry Fall 2013

Runway Images | Scarf | Top | Jeans | Shoes | Bag | Belt

London clearly has plenty to offer.  As I read Erin’s post yesterday, I couldn’t help but think back to the first piece of classic British fashion I ever purchased.  A cashmere, Burberry nova check scarf.  I was 19 and spent my money on things I didn’t need back then.  Maybe this girl needed a scarf, but that scarf wasn’t necessary.

There I was in Nordstrom – a lone shopper.  I strolled by the neatly folded heaps of Burberry scarves and I let my hands graze over the soft cashmere.  Sold.  Sold.  Sold.  I was buying one – that was it!  Over a decade later, I still own the scarf.  Some years it remains tucked away in the closet, and others, I wear it like crazy.  I’d say it was a good investment piece.

Burberry Prorsum is a truly chic line, but that lambskin trench you see is $11,000.  If you have an affection for oh, so British attire, take a close look at the budget friendly outfit above.  It makes my heart skip a beat; and endless possibilities exist for each item.  Those shoes.  Yes, they got their own sentence because they’re far too cute!

The math doesn’t lie, my friends.  You can purchase a Burberry inspired outfit for $200 less than the cost of a classic Burberry scarf.  I know it’s a little heartbreaking to be forced to choose, but which option would you select?  The scarf or the outfit?



7 thoughts on “We Heart Burberry Prorsum 2013

  1. It’s heartbreaking to even look at these photos, but every time I walk past Burberry I sigh in knowing that the heart top is approx $700….I LOVE this collection, but it’s definitely costly. Sadly, unless I can miraculously consign it, I think I’ll be opting out of this line!

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