The Traveler’s Uniform + A Quick Tip for Effortless Packing

The Traveler's Outfit

Jacket: Dorothy Perkins | Top: Target | Necklace: TOPSHOP | Boots: Macy’s | Jeans: H&M

When I travel abroad, I try to pack smart and look smart, but striking the right balance between style and comfort can be a major to-do. It takes some major mental preparation to select the right items for that tiny box of death (aka, a carry-on suitcase). And choosing your biker jacket over your bouclé coat can be a major Sophie’s Choice life moment.

As you slip into your window seat on the long haul to wherever, you think, did I make the right decisions? Should I have packed something dressier? 

I’ve found that narrowing down your wardrobe for a trip of a lifetime is easier when you start with your big ticket items first. Big ticket items include anything you plan on wearing on a daily basis: a coat or blazer, shoes and a handbag. These should all work in harmony. Once you’ve selected those, you can plan your tops, bottoms and accessories accordingly.

Also, consider choosing one color scheme for your trip. Think neutrals! They’ll take you farther than, say, blue tartan or those killer red heels.



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